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July 23, 2006



Congratulations on the review. Got a copy of the Times yesterday just to read it. It was really good. When you're compared to Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge all in the same paragraph, it is tough to do any better.

I have to say I was bothered by two things, though. First, are you really a Texan? You were certainly more than just "born" in Shreveport. Can you really "become" a Texan, anyway--particularly after growing up a Louisianan? Second, I don't know that labeling you a "Southern frat boy-turned-ad man" is accurate, and I'm pretty sure it didn't take a creative writing class to turn you into a compassionate man. I guess it fits in the review, though.

Anyway, congratulations again.

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