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October 15, 2007



whoa. that was seriously priceless: straight out of a South Park episode. except it's funnier, 'cause it's true.

i will laugh now so that i won't cry.

tod goldberg

If you're lucky, they'll ban all of your books. Think about the publicity! I can only hope somewhere there's a child reading LOSER under his covers at night, learning all of the important life lessons that book has to impart. (I'm just a little sad they didn't use my essay on oral sex and Zsa Zsa Gabor.)

John McNally

Maybe I can talk Free Press into sending us to Pawtucket for a signing. You game?


Wow. Scary comments from Rhode Islanders. I've got a weird feeling this story may actually get some "legs." Especially if Bill O'Reilly "heres" about it. Maybe someone should make sure John Stewart picks it up. I would love so see his "Senior Smut Correspondent" interveiw one of the parents.

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